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Collision P.R.E.P. 2020 - Five Class Bundle

This bundle includes all 5 Collision P.R.E.P. virtual classes from 2020, a $250 value if purchased separately. Maximize your shop's effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability with these industry expert led trainings.

Collision P.R.E.P. Documenting for Repair Process and Liability and Building a Bulletproof File

Giving insight to liability, Mark will show you how to make a Bulletproof File that includes all necessary documentation and ability to research past repairs. He will also feature how to improve process and culture over time, while stressing the importance of OEM procedures.

Collision P.R.E.P. Positioning Your Business for Sustainability

Adapting to the ever-changing landscape of collision repair is a must to ensure lasting profitability. Exploring the ways that sustainability can be achieved, this session will dive into industry changes, how to be forward thinking, looking for constant improvement, embracing training, developing certifications and best practices. Emphasis will be given on damage appraisal documentation, validating processes through education, consistency and how to differentiate yourself. *This class is AMI accredited.

Collision P.R.E.P. Utilizing the Vehicle Owner’s Manual to Educate Consumers and Insurers

Have you ever thought about reviewing the vehicle owner’s manual before writing an estimate or before processing the vehicle in your repair facility? In this course, Collision Advice shares with you some of the golden nuggets found within the owner’s manuals. Educate the vehicle owner as to why their vehicle may not be drivable or may need seat-belt inspection, OEM repair procedures, and more!

Collision P.R.E.P. Vehicle Diagnostics and Calibrations

The amount of knowledge, information, and mis-information (or myth-information) on this subject is staggering. Collision repair owner/operators, management staff and technicians must either know and perform what is necessary and required for every manufacturer, every vehicle, every time or utilize a service provider who does (which is daunting and often misunderstood). This fact-based session will help to prepare shop owners, managers and technicians for success when encountering new vehicles and ensuring compliance to manufacturer specifications.

Collision P.R.E.P. Tackling Online Storefront

In this fast-moving presentation, we’ll talk about how to have an effective website that gets found locally and promotes your skillsets and/or certifications, and how to get good reviews or respond to negative reviews

Collision P.R.E.P. Virtual Series: Economic Pricing Considerations for 2021

This course will cover a variety of topics, including:

– Why a retail door rate is so important

– How to compute your own door rate

– The credit card effect

– Consequences of not having a door rate

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